Japanese Antiques and Curios


These pages show things I have found in antique markets, flea markets and shops in Japan.

1. Buddhist Statues and Ornaments

Most of these statues and other relics originate from old temples and shrines. A few may have been for personal use in people's homes, or while travelling. I am really only at the beginning of the path here; the variety of Japanese Buddhist statues alone is well-nigh inexhaustible.


                     - The Historical Buddha: Nyorai Statues

                     - The Path to Buddhahood: Bosatsu Statues

                     - Converted Gods: Myo-o and Tenbu Statues

                     - Guardian Lions and Dogs (Shishi and Komainu)

                     - Other Buddhist Statues, Ornamentation, etc.

                     - Statues of Buddhist Monks and Priests


For more information about many of the objects shown here, there is an excellent website devoted to Japanese Buddhist and Shinto statues HERE. I would also like to introduce a friend and neighbour of mine, Kouun Yamaguchi-san, an antique dealer and master craftsman of Buddhist statues, who has regaled me with many cups of green tea and detailed insights into Buddhist statuary (not to mention selling me several of the pieces shown here). Any errors in these pages are despite his patient explanations.


2. Objects from everyday life

I am fascinated by the Japan that was and will never be again. Some of these objects date from the Edo, Meiji and Taisho periods. Others were in daily use until comparatively recently. Again, these pages really only scratch the surface of a huge subject, but give me time; I've only been collecting for four or five years!

                          - Kitchen and Domestic

                      - Labouring and Agricultural

                      - Eating and Drinking

                      - Lamps and Lighting

                      - Games

                      - Cosmetic Accessories

                      - Smoking Accessories


3. Japanese prints, paintings, etc.

                - Ukiyo-e

                      - Scroll paintings

Very rudimentary; I am only just beginning to get to grips with woodblock prints.


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