Cosmetics, etc.




Lacquer hairpin ("kogai") and comb ("kushi") sets, like the above, are frequently to be found in antique markets. This one has a takamaki-e design which extends slightly into the tines of the comb, and has some slight damage to the shaft of the pin. The comb is 11 cm. (4.4 inches) wide, and the pin is 17.5 cm. (7 inches) long. I quite like these pin and comb sets, but I haven't made a big thing of them; you could go to almost any antique market and find dozens of these for sale, and I tend to prefer items that have to be hunted out

The pin has an inscription in a cursive form which I have not yet deciphered.




This is a more unusual kind of hairpin, which clasps together. It is made of silver, measures about 10 cm. (4 inches) and sits in a little box when not in use. It has an inscription saying it is produced under licence, with the name of the manufacturer ("Ooi") and the product number (24.829.15).




This is a cosmetic set, probably from the Meiji period. The holder measures 12 cm. (4.8 inches) by 18 cm. (7.2 inches) when open, and is made of a fine quality silk that defines it as the possession of a person of some status. Part of the clasp is missing (see below), but otherwise it is a lovely little set.



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